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    • Corruption in Public Procurement and Contracting
      Corruption in Public Procurement and Contracting is a global phenomenon that is ubiquitous across levels of government. It is a form of corruption that is generally well understood by citizens given the many reported instances of bribes paid to win contracts.
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    • 4 years ago

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    • Corruption in Public Resource Allocation
      Corruption in Public Resource Allocation is a topic of contemporary relevance across the world, more so among developing countries that are resource-rich. Resource-rich countries often face the paradox of plenty - despite plenty of natural resources, they tend to have less economic growth and less development outcomes. Corruption in the allocation of public resources can have widespread impact; large-scale loss of livelihoods and displacement, long-term environmental degradation and significant losses to the exchequer are all potential risks associated with Corruption in Public Resource Allocation.
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    • Political Financing and Lobbying
      Corruption in political financing and lobbying and the influence exerted by special interests who contribute to campaign finance has been an issue of concern in democracies around the world. The term “lobbying”, legitimate in some countries, hushed in others is accompanied with an opacity that calls to question decisions taken by elected officials. This is compounded by the fact that a small group of business establishments and wealthy individuals have a disproportionate share of campaign finances and donations to political parties.
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