The Depths of Corruption – A Playlist

Corruption is a topic that gains global prominence. TED has often had interesting talks, but the ones of corruption shed light on this topic from various perspectives. A compilation of talks on corruption are available here. The compilation is impressive
  1. Charmian Gooch speaks about a new era of openness in business. Dispelling the shroud of secrecy that surround companies is no easy task
  2. Afra Raymond talks about corruption myths, especially in light of Trinidad and Tobago’s development in the 1970s due to the oil boom
  3. Sanjay Pradhan of the World Bank makes an impressive pitch for the need and importance of Open Data and how it is fast changing the face of International Aid
  4. Journalist and Activist Heather Brooke uncovered the British Parliament financial expenses scandal; she urges citizens to ask tough questions to their leaders
  5. Legal Scholar Lawrence Lessig talks about the 1% of the 1%, those that fund campaign finance in the USA and how Congressional candidates in the USA are subject to their pressures.
The entire playlist echoes the themes explored at Coalition against Conference 2014.

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